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How To Survive After A Toxic Relationship

How to survive after a toxic relationship? Yes, people have had it worse than me. Yes, there are stories straight from the bowels of hell. But this is not a competition on who has had the worst relationship in their lifetime. This is a little peek into me and how maybe it can help YOU survive after your toxic relationship.
When I grew up, I knew that physical abuse was wrong. I knew that if I ever met someone who hit me or kicked me or took advantage of me in any way, it was okay to leave that person. It was not acceptable to sit there and be treated like that. But nobody ever talks about the mental abuse that you can go through in a relationship. The name calling, the slamming things around, the throwing things to scare you, the pictures of how pretty you could be-IF you lost weight; and always hearing how you're never good at anything and everything is your fault.
You start to question, “Is it my fault”? “Did I do something wrong?” “Maybe I am stupid, fat, and ugly.” The person mak…