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Happy National Croissant Day!

Did you start your day with a light, buttery croissant?  Most people enjoy theirs with a cup of coffee, but I am not a fan of the coffee bean. So, I enjoy my croissant with a light spread of homeade strawberry jam or just a decadent chocolate croissant. Mmmmm.... They also liven up an egg salad or tuna sandwich.
I had no idea that croissants weren't french and only became popular there due to Marie Antoinette.
I've never attempted to make these delicious creations, but maybe I'll give it a try, someday, and let you know how it goes. If any of you have made croissants before, comment below and let me know how they turned out!  Enjoy!

Finding Myself

I've been divorced for 7 years now. It took me, probably close to 5 or 6 years, to remember who I was before-when I liked myself. You know what I mean? When I tell people, who are struggling through divorce, my story-i tell them that it was like I had been drowning and suddenly I reached the surface, took that first full breath of air, and looked around to figure out where I was. It took me time to discover myself again. To find out what I liked and didn't like, without relying on someone else's opinion or worrying about what they wanted. It was both liberating and scary. It's about liking yourself again and maybe discovering new things about yourself along the way. It's about forgiveness, for your own peace of mind, and moving forward.
I have found myself with more time for me, which is kinda scary but exciting at the same time. As a mom and a wife, us women don't really get a lot of time to think about what we might like to do for ourselves or even cook for ou…
I've never been one to make New Year's resolutions, well that's a lie. I make them, they just never really happen...ya know? But, something was different this year. I started the New Year with this strange zest, or maybe peace, that I've never felt before. It's like a new passion or drive. A "zing in my step". There's so many new things I want to do this year, and starting this blog is one of them. So, before I start in on all these new things I want to do, I thought I'd tell you a little about me.
I'm in my 40's, divorced, and my kids don't need me as much as they used too (21 and 15). I live in a small, country town in my 4th generation "grandma" style victorian home.  With one kid gone from home and the other one a teenager, I'm finding myself with more time on my hands. I'm sure some of you know the feeling. I'm a process server and a phlebotomist (vampire or person who draws blood).
I thought that m…