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How To Save Money While Shopping!

How To Save While Shopping
I love to shop! I have loved to shop since I was a little girl! I don't mean groceries. I mean makeup, skincare, clothes, thing-a-ma-bobs, and doo-dads. It has been a real problem for me, in the past, and has slowed down my savings plan. As I've grown older, I have realized retirement isn't really that far away and time moves too quickly. We need to save our nickels and dimes wherever we can and I'm going to share some tips on how to save while shopping. After all, we all need toilet paper, bread, and something to drink, don't we? 😃 As we grow older, from youth to adult, your money may have moved from a porcelain piggy to a bank account, but the importance of saving it hasn't changed. Whether saving for a new toy or bike, or for a new car or retirement, the discipline of saving money hasn't changed. Everybody has to go shopping. Although many people hate it, it is still a necessary inconvenience that must be done. In order to shop …

5 Must Have Skincare Products!

As we leap gracefully into our middle years, our skin may be dragging and kicking behind us-leaving us to figure out all the changes in our skin. Where we were once oily, we are now dry. Where we were once smooth and clear, we now may have hyperpigmentation or even milia. How did this happen??! As we try to figure out our every changing skin needs, I am here to share 5 of my ride or die skincare products that you may want to try. I used to have an oily t-zone, never much acne, but rosacea and oiliness. Now, my skin is dry and dehydrated (2 different things) and I have hyperpigmentation on my cheeks; and even with the dryness-I still have oily spots on my forehead and chin. Oi vey!

I absolutely, definitely, always double cleanse my face at night. That is so important in removing every ounce of the makeup I've worn throughout the day.  After using micellar water, my tried and true facial cleanser is First Aid Beauty Pure Skin Facial Cleanser. It's very creamy and hydrating and i…

What To Eat In Our 40's And Beyond

Being in my 40's, I have noticed a big change in my metabolism. It's definitely slowing down with each passing decade. I remember being able to eat anything I wanted and not gain a pound. Now it seems as if one little fun night of splurging and I not only gain 2 or 3 pounds, but I feel sluggish, my face is puffy, and I usually have a headache.

When many people gain weight or develop health conditions, they often believe they inherited the problem from their parents. I bet you've heard, "my relatives have it too". Although there are some fixed genetic traits such as eye or hair color, up to 80% of our genes are influenced by our environment, including our lifestyle choices. Life doesn't end in our 40's, it's just beginning again! Follow these tips and you'll see a younger, healthier you!

Avoid high sugar foods and added sugar. Sugar can cause artificial dips and highs in energy and can be so addictive.Cut back on alcohol, as it has a similar effect …


Ever have a craving for a fish taco, but don't wanna get out of your jammies and run to the nearest yummy Mexican restaurant? This was me yesterday. So I made the quick and easy dish at home and thought I'd share the recipe with you. 
Seasoned tilapia is my favorite. I've tried everything, even unseasoned tilapia, but nothing beats the seasoned or spicy tilapia which I purchase either at Fred Meyer or Costco.
I cook it on the stove, with a little butter, for 12 minutes. Flip once after 6 minutes.  Chop up any veggies you'd like. I used the freshest tomato and green onion. I heat up the tortillas in a fry pan with a little oil, flipping once so it's hot and just the slightest brown. Spread with sour cream, add the fish, veggies, and some grated cheese. Roll and enjoy!  It's easy and tastes so yummy! Let me know if you try it and what you think. Also, I'd love to hear your own fish taco recipes. Enjoy!  Until next time! 😊

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7 Ways To Practice Self-Love

Whether you’re single, in a relationship, married, divorced (like me), or anything in-between, self-care and self-love are so incredibly important. I am extremely passionate about taking care of myself, emotionally, mentally, and physically, and helping others do the same. Here’s a few different ideas of ways to show yourself a little love today (or any day): Social Media Break: even if it’s only for a few hours, power down your phone to disconnect for a little bit. This is incredibly hard to do not only because of social media, but also because of the expectations of our circles to always be “on.” Between Facebook, Instagram, group chats, emails, app updates, our phones are constantly lighting up. I’ve found disconnecting from my phone for even a few hours is so good for my well-being.Forgive Yourself: kicking yourself over what you could’ve or should’ve done or said this week? Maybe you feel like you said the wrong thing to a loved one or in a meeting, or …